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Ultrasound therapy

What is ultrasound therapy?
For humans, the frequency of audible sound waves usually ranges from 16 Hz to 20 kHz. The inaudible sound waves at higher than 20 kHz of frequency is called ultrasound. 
 The principle of ultrasound 
An ultrasonic aesthetic appliance uses piezoelectric ceramics, which is a high-functionality material characterized by generating electricity (voltage) by pressure (mechanical force) and reversely, interchanging by mechanical force (vibration) when giving electricity (voltage). In the case of gas stove commonly used at home, when turning the switch lever to the left for ignition, piezoelectric plug is pressed by little impact, generating high voltage of 20,000 volt. And, the high voltage is discharged with metal material and the resulting spark enables gas ignition. That is, this is based upon the principle of converting mechanical force into electrical force.

As another example, a humidifier generates micro-vibrations (mechanical force) of 1.6 million times per second when 40 to 50 volt of voltage is applied, and the mechanical micro-vibrations break down water into micro-particulates (measured in the unit of ?(10-6m)) and spray them out. Similarly to ultrasonic aesthetic appliance, this mechanism is based on the principle of converting electric force into mechanical force. Piezoelectric ceramics shows about 70% of energy interconversion rate (mechanical ? electric) and is a unique high-performance material with higher efficiency than any other materials in the earth. It is well-known that ultrasonic aesthetic appliance generally vibrates 1 million times per second.

However, because many people get it mixed up with the low-frequency vibration of ultrasound in practice and humans cannot perceive it at all, they are doubtful about its truth. Vibrating once per second corresponds to 1Hz; 1KHz=1000Hz; 1MHz=1000KHz; thereby 1MHz=106Hz. Plainly speaking, if one throws a stone into quiet waters, waves will occur and diffuse onto the surface of water. Assuming that three waves occur for 1 second, the vibration is equivalent to 3Hz, and thus pendulum oscillating 60 times for 1 minute is associated with the vibration at 1Hz for 1 second. A ultrasonic aesthetic appliance uses primarily 1MHz or 3MHz. In other words, it vibrates one million times per second or three million times per second, which can be accurately determined by frequency counter. Thus, the appliance exhibits greate efficacy because of micro-vibrations but their high frequency.
 Ultrasound applications in daily life
Ultrasound is widely used in ultrasonic washing. If ultrasound generates in water, numerous air bubbles occur owing to the vibration of sound waves.
At this junction, such air bubbles function as a sort of vacuum cleaner and remove impurities from the surface. Additionally, since sound waves vibrate water tens of thousands times per second, it shows powerful washing capacity as if beating is conducted with a battledore.
Further, ultrasound is used to control vermin such as mosquito. Pregnant female mosquitoes naturally avoid male mosquitoes in summer when they are ready to blow. For the reason, if the ultrasound equal to that generated by male mosquitoes is emitted at a room, female mosquitoes never approach the room. In addition to that, ultrasound is used to visualize the figure of the fetus during pregnancy. In this case, while ultrasound generates into the abdomen, the reactive sound waves from the fetus are analyzed, displaying the figure of the fetus.
Besides, ultrasound-based nondestructive testing is implemented when examining closely the safety or life of a building.



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