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What is far-infrared ray? 
Ranging from 3 to 1000 ? of light wavelength, far-infrared rays have stronger thermal effect than that of visible rays, saves energy by virtue of fast heating resulting from direct and momentary heat transmission, and are widely used for dry heating, heating, thermotherapy, health goods, food processing, building materials, daily commodities, and the biological effects of animal and plant.
rays correspond to the energy zone for atom group or molecular rotation and vibration, and have different vibrations and gyro frequencies according to the type of atom, the size of molecule, molecular configuration and binding capacity.
 The principle of far infrared rays
Regarding dipolar changes by vibration and rotation, most of electron transitions requires the energy of visible rays and infrared rays spectrum and infrared rays occur primarily only in the molecules which have significant difference in the energy among several vibrations and rotations. Thus, to absorb or emit infrared radiant rays, the relevant molecule should change dipolar moment by vibration and rotation.
If radiating infrared rays with the same wavelength to the molecule, the energy of infrared rays is absorbed into the molecule because of resonance, and the molecule or its molecule group are excited. Then, the infrared rays of the wavelengths with the inconsistent number of molecular vibrations transmit or reflect the molecule.

Under these conditions, the electric field of radiant rays is interactive with molecules and can cause changes in the molecular vibration and rotation. In addition, if the number of radiant ray vibrations agrees with that of natural molecular vibrations, energy transfer occurs and the amplitude of molecular vibration changes. As a result, radiant rays are absorbed or emitted. Similarly, if asymmetric molecules rotate around the center of mass, cyclic dipolar changes appear followed by interaction with radiant rays.
 Applications of Far infrared rays 
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