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What is germanium? 
In 1869, Dr. Mendeleeyev, the originator of the periodic law of the elements didn’t designate the 32nd element in his periodic law table and foresaw that a new element to be discovered in future would be germanium. After that, in 1886, two German chemists discovered the same substance with the liquefied silicon foreseen by Dr. MEndeleeyev during chemical analysis, and named the substance Germanium which means raising the pride and honor of the German people.

Discovered with such the background, germanium is a light ash-colored mineral and a semi-metal element featured by the atomic number 32, the chemical symbol Ge, the atomic weight 72.60, the number of atoms 2 to 4 and the mass 66 to 77. Electronics has made great strides since two researchers working in Belle Research Institute, U.S.A founded that germanium is semi-conductive in 1948, and along with its development, the interest in germanium among scientists and medical scientists was focused on corrective therapy such as orthotherapy performed in the manner of applying the properties of germanium as a semiconductor element to the body.
With the supreme authority on germanium-based orthotherapy, Dr. Asahi (Japan) published many studies and literature including “Germanium & I”, devoted his life to study on germanium and treating patients with incurable diseases and won a Novel prize concerning developing an organic germanium compound for the first time in the world in 1975.
 Efficacy & Effectiveness of Germanium 
Many chemists and medical scientists founded out that the miracles of Lourdes is the very efficacy of germanium. As shown in their studies, germanium has many positive effects for bodily correction and the medicine intended to treat patients by using such the effects is called bodily correctional medicine. Germanium has numerous unknown effects in addition to known ones founded in clinical studies so far. 
 Oxygen supply (oxygen replacement) 
Human cells require absolutely the constant supply of nutrients and oxygen for the sake of repeated metabolism. If they are short of oxygen, some diseases such as chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, anemia, vascular diseases, cardiovascular disorder, hypotension, cell aging or mental disorder develop. Recently, some medical scientists demonstrated that germanium plays a role as an oxygen catalyst helping the efficient application of oxygen. In other words, the contemporary medicine succeeded in establishing the fact that supplying the human body with organic germanium results in recovering from chronic oxygen deficiency because the excess oxygen vitalizes the blood. 
 Semiconductive Effect (Regulating the current of in vivo cells): Anionic effect 
Generally, what carries electricity well is called positive conductor, what blocks the flow of electricity is called nonconductor, e.g., glass or tree, and what blocks the flow of electricity at low temperature but carries it well at high temperature is called semiconductor.

The most prominent property of germanium is electrical property - a combination of metal properties and nonmetal properties. Such the property of germanium functions as a key to treating all kinds of human diseases, so that its alias is a miraculous element. That is, germanium has four electrons in the atomic structure, and is characterized by easy ionic binding at body temperature and active electrons.

In the event that any impurity appears in the body, the outermost electron of the four electrons turns negative (-) and gets out, and the other threes turns positive (+). Thus, it balances the body. Like this, the role of germanium explains the principle of treating a disease. Similarly, acupuncture, moxibustion and finger pressure applied on meridian pathways and acupoints also treat diseases inn the manner of recovering the semiconductive flow of cells. 
 Immunity Enhancement
Human body has largely two immune systems; one system where leukocytes capture viruses penetrated into the body by phagocytosis, and the other system where antibodies kill viruses through T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes.
Accordingly, the development of cancer suggests that T-lymphocytes decrease. It was established that germanium proliferates T-lymphocytes and inhibits the development of disease caused by a certain toxin or virus.
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