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PLD-606   9 Ball Jade External Projector

1.It is about 38mm(width) X 19mm(high).
2. About the temperture: you can choose any one from 30 degree to 70 degree.
3.Timer can be seted at 30min,1 hour,2 hours.
4.Has "Electromagnetic Wave" and " Negative Hydronium" Functions.
5.Life: 1-3 years(normally) (Light can be used more than 5000 hours)
6.9 jade stone.


Therasage Healing Pad features far infrared heat, negative ions and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your bodyas much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat has the following benefits:

1. Pain Relief

Far infrared heat stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, thus relieving pain and reducing the time it takes to recover from an injury.

2. Reduces Stress and Fatigue

Far infrared heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles and relaxing the body. You'll feel rejuvenated and renewed, restored in both body and mind.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Far infrared heat is absorbed by cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "resonance" in which the cells are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation. The increased blood circulation stimulates the tiny blood vessels in the skin to expand accommodating the increased blood flow.

4. Removes Harmful Toxins

When toxins are present in our body, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. The body's immune system is inhibited, which makes it difficult for the body to fight disease. When far infrared heat is applied, the large water molecules in our bodies that contain toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead, mercury and chlorine vibrate and are broken down. The encapsulated toxic materials and gases are then released.

5. Improves the Immune System

The deep heat raises your inner body temperature, inducing an artificial fever (mild hyperthermia). Fever is the body's natural mechanism to strengthen and accelerate the immune response, as seen in the case of infection. This enhanced immune system, combined with improved elimination of toxins and wastes, increases your overall health and resistance to disease.

6. Negative Ions

Therasage Healing Pad features negative ions. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules are believed to produce biochemical reactions helping to relieve stress (calming), alleviate depression, boost our daytime energy and increase defense against infection.


When the jade stones are heated and applied on 15 basic acupressure points, the jade thermal heating massager emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat excite molecules to increase their energy. Increased energy excite body cells. These excited cells gives rise to the various benefits. 
This handheld jade projector gives various types of benefits like relief in chronic pains, increased blood circulation, reduces stress, toxins removal & an increase in the immunity of our body. Far infrared heat reduces stress by loosening the muscles & relaxing the complete body. Increasing body immunity also makes our body capable of fighting with various types of diseases also.
This projector is fully compatible & somewhat more advanced than ceragem P390 model. We are also selling some modern automatic jade massagers which covers the full body with its rolling acupressure effect due to which they are also called Full Body Jade Automatic Jade Massage Bed . Now, let's have a look at  the basic 15 acupressure points which shall be given for 2-3 minutes each while using these jade therapyb massagers



             《Click here to download the Manual》



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