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Slimming Belt (PLD-003C)


Power slimming belt.   Abdomen exercise pics.

A. Fitness Belt Description:
High strong Double Motor.
Five Level of volume controls.
V7 computer chip.
Intelligent oscillation amplitude adjustment.
Microcomputer processor.
Manual automatic control.
Automatic thermal protection.
Heating Function (Additional Function as the demand).
Leather bag and color box packing designed.
1. Help reduce unwanted fat in back, shoulder, waist, hip, thigh, and calf.
2. Promote peristalsis, clean up intestinal tract, and relieve constipation to rid your body of toxins, slim down waistline and beautify face.
3. Tone abdominal muscle layer to make skin tight and elastic.
4. Increase metabolism, burn excessive fat, recover from fatigue, prevent from Lactic forming for the purpose of achieving sharply curved body.
5. Compact design, ideal for home and office use.
6. Some users may experience itchiness after using the unit. This is not a side effect but it is an acclimation effect of our body to the vibration. Just rest for a while before using it again and your body will get used to it
B. Features:
1. Function advantage: adopting unique technology and pr/con balancing gyration theory, the fat inside body forms an upward turbulent flow into the lymph gland as inward flying movement in 360 degrees: front, after, left and right. This removed fat when peristalsis promoted. Weight loss is simplified, speed up results.
2. Remarkable effect: burn calories 60 times as much as daily exercise. Reduce extra fat effectively.
3. Artistic appearance: bright apple green and meteor outlook give more fashion; Ease-to-carry with the handbag.
4. Comfortable material: soft lining ensures in great comfort.
5. Concise design: 5 keys handle gives easy operation; Free adjustment on strength, applicable to all people
6. High performance radiator: hidden vent expedite heat dissipation for best performance.
7. Over heat protection device provides high security: if the unit is operated consecutively for more than 30 minutes, it may activate the overheat protection device and stop the operation automatically.
8. Parameter lists against other movement
2500 sit-ups: 10 minutes waist abdomen exercise
Walks 1600 stairs: 10 minutes hips exercise
1200 lifts of 5 kilograms dumbbells: 10 minutes shoulder exercise
4 hours jogging: 10 minutes legs exercise
C. Specifications:
Input voltage:100V-24V AC
Electrical current:24V DC

Additional LCD Controller with Heating Function:



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